Student Loans: Where to Start

Start here if you want to learn how to start organizing, analyzing and eliminating your student debt!  Your journey to financial freedom starts here.

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How the BYE System Can Eliminate Your Student Debt

B-Y-E Felicia.  Learn how using the simple BYE (B-eat, Y-our, E-xpenses) System can help you eliminate all types of loan debt including: student loan, credit card, mortgage and personal debt.

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Should I Invest or Pay Down My Debt?

To make money or to spend it.  Learn when it makes sense to invest and when it makes sense to digest – that you will be paying back a lot of money.

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I started this system after I eliminated $120k in student loan debt.  The B-Y-E system will teach you how to Beat Your Expenses.  From student loans to credit card debt, the information found on this website will allow you to take back your financial freedom.






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